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Let’s talk competition Ladies! How many times have you felt the need to compare yourself to someone who maybe is doing better than you or looks better than you? Whether it be someone close like family or far like a celebrity? Did you know that sometimes that comes from your own insecurities, up bringing , or even a bad experience in your life that has left you with wounds that haven’t healed! Or maybe it’s a desire or need of fulfillment, validation of self-worth that has yet to be filled. Well I want to talk about this because many women don’t like to talk about how we get Caty sometimes with each other or become “haters!” CAN I BE REAL?! Seriously! I have seen it too many times and felt it too many times and I think it needs to be talked about! So.....I’m inviting you to a conversation on Friday, September 18th at 7pm for our Women’s Bible study at Uturn. We are going to talk about 2 women in the Bible named Penninah and Hannah. So come and join us to talk openly about these women and how we can improve ourselves and up lift other women in the process and at the same time give God the glory! Inbox me if you have questions.