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“…but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24 

We have created a society that pushes away people when they make mistakes. Everyone now seems to be regarded as toxic simply because they go against our way of thinking.  

But in the Bible we also have amazing examples of true friendships. David and Jonathan, Moses and Aaron, Paul and Silas, the disciples, just to name a few. Although far from perfect they stuck together. They cried together. They worked together. They forgave each other. And best of all they served God together.  

Truth is we weren’t meant to be alone. We were meant to create close relationships with others. And coming from someone with trust issues because for years I had around me people that brought forth the worst in me I can tell you how tempting it is to just give up on others and be alone.  

When I began to pray that God would bring my friends to my life that is when I saw the value in having true friends. None of my friends now are people I would have chosen myself. They have also hurt me more than once but if I were to push them away for being human I would’ve missed amazing lessons, joy, and blessings that have come through them. They are so inspiring to me by the way they carry their lives. They tell me the truth. They cry when I cry and laugh when I do. They protect my integrity when I’m not even around! And if we’re being honest, I probably do more things that irritate them than I know.  

Today I’d like to challenge you to take a close look at the people you call friends. Studies say we are like the 5 closest people around us. Are they telling you the truth regardless of your feelings? Are they men and women who serve God in and out of season or are they Christians on Sundays only? What does God think about your friends? Recall the times you’ve needed them and you were able to rely on them. Can they rely on you? If they passed the test I want you to do something. Call them and let them know exactly what you think of them being as mushy as possible. They just might need to hear how special they are today.  

Prayer: “Oh what a friend I have in Jesus! Thank you for being my example of friendship. Please take out all those people in my life that aren’t from You. Put people in my life that will bring the best in me Lord and help me see them as You do. In Your Holy name. Amen”