Our Mission

Our mission at UTurn Covenant is Impacting and REDIRECTING lives towards their God given DESTINY and MATURITY in Christ. We want to connect to the lost and help them know Jesus, while creating disciples that make Him known to others. We are also dedicated in caring for our Community and reaching beyond throughout the world. 

UTurn Covenant exists to Connect people to God, Create Disciples, that Care for the World. 
5 Pillars/Strategy

U- Unveiling God's Word- Worship

T- Transforming Lives- Outreach

U- Unleashing into Ministry- Ministry

R- Redirecting and Restoring- Discipleship

N- Networking and Navigating- Fellowship


The way we plan to Implement our vision at Uturn is by Connecting People to God. This is done through our outreaches, worship, or even local missions experiences. Once someone has that Connection with God, we connect them to a U-Group (small Group) that then will help the individual in their own growth journey with God. These U-Groups are based by regions of residence or by groups like (youth, men, women, singles,etc.). The purpose of these groups is to help create in us to be true disciples of Jesus who will then Care for the World.

This third part of our Vision is vital because it's the heartbeat of Jesus, and His Kingdom. We envision people growing in such a way that they begin to Care for the things that Jesus cares about, and this will lead people towards the mission of the Gospel in serving others, and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.