Uturn Covenant Church

35 East North Avenue
Northlake IL,  60164          


Phone:  708-865-8876

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We envision a vibrant church that thrives to discover, develop, and use our spiritual gifts to serve the churched also known as the Body of Christ, and reach the un-churched. 


Our vision is to be amulti-cultrural ministry, which will impact the western suburbs of chicago, and also be an influence to others throughout the world. having a community of mature believers who will know and use their spiritual gifts to serve the community through a community center (Turn Center) which will help in developing individuals through programs such as in performing arts, job development, language, computer courses, interviewing, sports, music and other school programs etc. 


The vision is also to have homeless and women's shelters, providing the community with a food pantry and programs for children. A clinic for low income families and housing that will help those who are less fortunate. 


We also envision a dynamic school for ministry and leadership development center, where vibrant families and leaders will be discipled to impact others within their communities, and throughout the world through missions, and sending out leaders for church planting and advancing the kingdom of God.